Meet our Directors


Tim waters

Tim Waters has held such prominent positions as Superintendent of Schools for Greeley District 6, and CEO of the educational think tank McREL. More recently, Tim served as Treasurer (and much more) for Marcia Martin's City Council campaign. Now temporarily retired, Tim is one of the people whose initial vision is why WTF exists. 

"To be engaged in a worthy cause with smart people of good will is as good as it gets.  To surprise the country by sending Ken Buck back to the private sector in 2018 and to turn Colorado all blue in 2020.  These are reasons why I am part of WTF Colorado."


Seth Miller

Seth Miller describes his professional role as "a fractional CTO." That means that he rents out his technical prowess and creativity by the hour. A PhD chemist from CalTech, Seth holds over 80 granted patents in fields from materials science to medical instruments to -- oh, you wouldn't believe it if we told you.

"My joke, as I left my family each evening to campaign for Hillary Clinton, was that it was much more time-efficient to canvass today than to get arrested at a protest tomorrow.  Organizing is an investment that returns far greater than we put in. Our future selves will thank us."


Steve SzAbo

Steve Szabo is a WTF founder, but not actually a member of the Board of Directors. He is our first major financial backer. A self-made man and philanthropist, Steve now spends most of his time as an energy adviser to the Colorado legislature, and working in other ways to accelerate the transition to clean energy sources. Since 2013, Steve has served on the Board of Directors of the Colorado Renewable Energy Society.


Rich Marsh

Rich is a practicing civil attorney in Longmont, Colorado. Rich headed the Longmont campaign committee for progressive mayoral candidate Sarah Levison, represented the Methodist Church in their fight to confirm a gay Bishop, and uses his knowledge of the law to fight for social justice wherever he can.

"I’ve been fighting back since Bush 2 was selected Prez in 2000. I’ve lived in CD4 & seen people living & voting against their self interest. I want to help take back a district sacrificed to the right wing cabal during the last redistricting. I like challenge & hate hypocrisy. Buck is a natural target."

Marcia Martin

Marcia is a retired software and clean technology engineer. She is a member of the Longmont City Council.

"I do it for love. I love the brave friends I've met in the Resistance, the magnificent landscapes of Colorado and the fine people of CD4 who live on and work that land. I love democracy and the freedom that can only be had in a compassionate society. It's enough."


Chiu-Ki Chan

Chiu-Ki was born in Hong Kong, but has now spent more years in the United States than she has in China. She earned her U.S. Citizenship just too late to allow her to vote against Donald Trump. A Computer Science graduate of Stanford University, Chiu-Ki is a software superstar who earns a living as a freelance Android developer.

"I have ignored politics for my whole life, until November 2016. After the election, I felt unsafe. I felt my livelihood threatened, and I need to do something about it."