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WTF Colorado is an independent, Democrat-leaning grass-roots group dedicated to electing new Congressional representation in 2018 and turning Colorado into a totally blue state in 2020. We invite all others who share our aspirations to join us.

The group originated in a Democratic Party outreach meeting, where members living in CD4 expressed their frustration with being represented in Congress by Ken Buck. Flush with positive feedback – we developed a mailing list of a dozen people from a single meeting, held in a county which is mostly CD2 – we decided to form a new group to channel energy towards a single focus: uniting and liberating CD4.

During the initial meeting of our group, questions about purpose and goals dominated our conversation. Over and over again during our conversation members of the group reiterated their aspiration to see a Democrat Win The Fourth in 2018 and for Democrats to Win The Future for Colorado in 2020. Win The Fourth and Win The Future for Colorado became themes that we translated into our purpose and our goals. Reflecting our purpose and our goal, WTF Colorado has become our identity and is becoming our brand.

Our mission now is to reach out across CD4 and lift up Democratic candidates and issues. We are a people-driven organization, not a policy-driven one. We believe that none of us hold the answers to toppling an incumbent who won our last election by over 30% of the vote. We believe that the only way to beat Buck and other CD4 conservatives is to unite the people and find ways to connect them with each other, and make their voices heard.

Ken Buck believes that he has an unassailable position in CD4, but a quick peek at the news on any day will show that nothing should be taken for granted. By building infrastructure for communication, helping candidates (as an independent organization), and taking strategic risks when appropriate, we can channel the frustration and shared values of the voting population against our incumbent. And if frustration in politics among traditional conservatives gets bad enough – and there is reason to believe it will – we can win.


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